Privacy Notices

Kranno International LLC with address at 1211 San Dario Ave. # M-168, Laredo, Texas C.P. 78040

1. The processing of your personal data:

We collect your personal data for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, declaring that they will be handled in complete confidentiality.

For the purposes of this notice, personal data is considered any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person and processed and protected based on the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibilities.

2. Purpose in the processing of your personal data:

We only collect your personal data in the user registry, in accordance with this Privacy Notice, in order to use them for the following purposes:

  1. Contact you to communicate updates;
  2. Respond to your requests in the form;
  3. Send you notifications;
  4. Evaluate and improve the quality of the services we offer;
  5. To report any change in the necessary comprehensive privacy notice, or any urgent eventuality that should be known to you during the processing of your personal data.

3. Means to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data:

We inform you that your personal data provided in the user registry will be protected under strict administrative, technical and physical security measures in order to protect them against damage, loss, alteration or unauthorized use, access or treatment.

4. Transfer of your personal data:

We inform you that your personal data provided in the user registry will not be transferred and processed within Mexican or foreign territory, by organizations other than Kranno International LLC.

5. Changes to this Privacy Notice:

This Privacy Notice may be modified in the future by Kranno International LLC without any restriction. In any case, any modification to it will be made known to you by sending an email to the account that you initially provide us to inform you of this Privacy Notice and / or by publishing it on the following website:

We will not be responsible in the event that you do not receive the aforementioned notice of change in the Privacy Notice due to a problem due to cancellation, change or deactivation of your email or telephone account provided by you in the registry. However, for your security, the current Privacy Notice will be available at all times on the aforementioned website. In accordance with the content of this privacy notice, I hereby grant my consent for my personal data to be used and safeguarded by Kranno International LLC in terms of the Privacy Notice that has been made available to me through this electronic platform, clarifying that I fully know its content.